Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1840's Dinner

So after watching Heston's Feasts and living in a circa 1840's house, it has got me wondering what the original occupants would have cooked and baked in the bakehouse. I managed to find a sample menu from Emo Court in Ireland. Would this English influence have found it's way to Australia do you think?

A Sample Dinner Menu for the Party of 12 Guests at Emo Court in 1821
(based on the Abbeyleix menu book in the National Library of Ireland,
Ms. 39,250/1)

First Course
Beef head soup
Turkey with chestnut stuffing

Six entrées
Veal à la chicore glace
Ragoût de mutton
Sausages with marinated cabbage
Chicken à la tartare
Black pudding
Grilled turbot
Roast suckling pig

Second course
Four roast pigeons
Oysters in the oven
Creamed spinach
Coffee soufflé
Orange jelly

Hot-house fruit
Biscuit à la crème

I'm not sure. I'm thinking the staple diet would have consisted more of rabbit, mutton and beef ragouts and bread and pastries, like cornish pasties, beef and guinness pies..

Hmmm, beef and guinness pie, now there's a thought

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gender Equality

So, if i get the wifey a vehicle with white wall tyres, i guess that entitles me to buy something with whitewall tyres as well?? Seems logical to me....

Just Cruisin'

Across the road from our house is a perfectly flat gravel road that leads to the majestic south esk river. Perfect for a sunday afternoon bike ride. Now we just need a bike for the wifey... Hmmm, wonder if a pink one off these might fit the bill??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ultimate kitchen appliance

Oh yeah, every kitchen needs one of these!! Wait a minute, we've got a kitchen refurbishment planned. I'll put one on order!

Inner city office

The view out of my office window on an eventful day