Friday, October 29, 2010

Squid Risotto

So here’s the deal. I don’t go much on deep fried seafood. Don’t get me wrong, it can taste alright, but the thought of dipping something as delicate as seafood in hot oil to make it taste like, well, hot oil, doesn’t sit quite right with me. So when i landed a few squid, the grey matter went into overdrive to think of something different to do with it. Here is the result

Squid risotto

2 cups Arborio rice



About 1.5 litres chicken stock


Green peas


Cheddar cheese

4 squid hoods

Bottle pasatta

Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc

Make the risotto by heating 2 table spoons butter in a large saucepan, frying some garlic and onion until translucent (not brown) and then adding the Arborio rice. Heat the rice until it smells “nutty” and goes translucent and then add a glass of the wine. When the wine has evaporated start ladelling in spoonfuls of the hot stock. While you’re stirring the rice and waiting for the stock to be absorbed, chop up a couple cupfuls of mushrooms and add to the rice. Keep adding stock to the rice until it becomes “soft” Then add a couple of cups of peas, a good bit of cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese to taste. When the risotto is ready, spoon it into the squid hoods. Close the ends of the hoods with a toothpick. Melt some butter in a frypan, and place the hoods in the pan, season with salt and pepper, and then brown the hoods all over. When done, place the hoods in a baking dish, add some pasatta until the hoods are covered and place in a hot oven for about 20 minutes. Remove the hoods from the dish, slice them up into rings and serve with the remaining rice and the remaining wine......

Keeping up with the Jones's

Well I never, but it turns out i have been out of contract for about 12 months, and for renewing my 2 year contract i received a lot more $'s worth of calls, lots of data allowance as well as one off these puppies!

Now, to just get all 238 contacts transferred from my Nokia....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Low Head Calamari

Ventured out to Low Head this morning to snavel up some off the calamari that have come in close to shore to "make whoopy" as someone said... My decky couldn't make it, and with no fill ins, i went out alone, which was probably a good thing because i was too busy to talk :-) Got about 10!

The kids love squid, both too look at and eat. The colouring of these creatures is quite amazing


Don't use these colour jigs if you're thinking of going out

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I had to go to Cressy for work today, so it was only logical that i stopped past brumbies for a bit of action. I was hoping to get some mayfly action, but it was far too windy. So out with the spinning rod, some soft plastics, on with the waders that my darling wife bought me, and off too some very hard to reach sections of the creek for the following result
Filleted and lightly pan fried in butter, he was delicious...The most orange flesh I have seen

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Frothy #5

Friday Frothy is a bit early today, thanks to taking an early 240 minutes... Christine has gone shopping with the mother in law and i volunteered to look after two kids for the afternoon.

There’s a bit off an autumn feel in the air here, cold and raining outside, heater on inside, the smell of apples stewing on the stove and a apple pie in the oven, so what better beer to crack open than an amber ale. Found one in the fridge, and it’s a good one too. A Little Creatures Rogers (smooth amber ale)

Flavour; Caramel, load of hops, citrus

Carbonation; Vigorous carbonation at first pour, poor head retention.

Colour; Dark

Price; Reasonably priced $16/6 pack
Alcohol; 3.8%

Packaging; Nice cardboard box, the rogers label is pretty unique
Food Pairing: Bar snacks would be a great accompaniment

Overall rating; 8/10...I love it.. Loads of hops, nice and malty,but despite the rich appearance, it is very drinkable and surprisingly light. A nice clean finish.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Turns out the brewmaster actually thought my beer was the best being showcased at Oktoberfest (even though the peoples choice judges thought it was a girly beer!) Surely the local brewery's beermasters opinion has some weighting.

Unfortunately, my brew was not in the Pilsner style, and so he couldn't judge it as being the best brew on the day...

Had some people up for tea last night and they said it was so good i should sell it, but I'm happy for people to come around for tastings..


Monday, October 11, 2010


Just a few snaps from this weekends activities in the vegie patch


Friday, October 8, 2010

No two nights are the same....

Friday frothy #3 and #4

Let me unveil the Pateena Pilsner as it will be presented tomorrow. Looks the goods doesn't it?

Unfortunately looks aren't everything. I thought it was progressing quite well, until i stopped by the bottle o on the way home and grabbed a heavy weight out of the fridge to compare it to..

The James Squire Pilsener.... This brew blew mine clean out of the water.. Let me explain..

My brew is pretty heavily hopped, the JS has an extra bucket full
My brew is fairly malty, the JS is extremely malty
My brews head is a bit loose, the JS head is rich and creamy

Luckily James Squire is not coming to the comp tomorrow. On a brighter note, carbonation, bitterness and colour are on a par. (I still think mine is pretty good, but i prefer maltier beers)

The hatch

Sitting on the verandah with a cold frothy, i couldn't help but notice the swarm of insects buzzing around.I managed to catch one.
Now, to try and match it to one of my flies