Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beer, Fire, Food

What more could a man want???

Oktoberfest Hillwood 2010 Saturday 9th of October Hillwood 5pm - late

Even if you haven't done a brew, still come along and taste the brews on offer. We went for the first time last year. It's a great day.

Who knows, you may meet the brew master of Launcestons next boutique brewery!!

More details here:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Heart The Fly

Just found this.. (It's OK, it's lunch time)

Check it out. It's a great Tasmanian fly fishing blog. The way this bloke writes is fantastic

I’m thinking “Yeah this is awesome” but next time I’ll have to act first and then think, as I neglected to actually lift into the fish. What a tool.

 Sitting on the bottom was what appeared to be a nice fish. A dozen or so casts later and two dropper changes confirmed that this was not the case at all and it was indeed a common weed-fish; Not a fish at all but rather a piece of weed that wriggles in the current and looks very much like a fish – Well that’s my excuse anyway

The culmination of money-hungry corporates and poor government policies, allowing our native forests and wildlife to be continuously destroyed in a vicious cycle of shame, enough to bring a tear to anyones eye…I casually step off my soapbox and into my waders

Check them out if you like fly fishing

Greg Bennett

Mmmmm, now where did i leave that bass? I've been asked to do a gig this weekend, first time in about 6 months.. Might need to find a note chart  :-) And give the Greg Bennett a bit of a spring clean

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look out for the Bombers in 2011

The Bombers are set to announce the most formidable coaching line up ever seen in the AFL! Now all we need is a good compliment of players.....

ESSENDON appears poised to leave Geelong in turmoil, after pulling off a massive coup by poaching dual Cats premiership coach Mark Thompson back to Windy Hill.

Thompson, a past Essendon captain, dual best-and-fairest winner and multiple premiership player, has agreed to work as James Hird's boss in what is an extraordinary boost for the flagging Bombers, which have lost their way since Kevin Sheedy was axed three years ago.

The imminent announcement that Thompson will next year be the Bombers' director of coaching, above senior coach-in-waiting James Hird, is expected to rock the foundations of Skilled Stadium, where Thompson is contracted as the Cats' senior coach for another season

The Australian

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet the man...

Here is Florentine, our manly rooster with a girly name. The name was a result off the usual "Yeah, she's definitely a hen, no doubt about it"

Eggs florentine, get it?? (I didn't) Anyway, he nearly ended up as sunday roast courtesy of some unwelcome advances to my girls, the non feathered kind..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Frothy #2

Woohoo, beer o'clock, and todays beer is Monteiths Gold Lager, from Noo Zeeland bro!!

Why, because it looked like a good beer and it was on special a while ago, and it was the last variety of beer left in the fridge at work.

Flavour; Light, mellow, slightly hoppy, sweet, honey, banana's??

Carbonation; Vigorous carbonation at first pour, poor head retention.

Colour; Golden, durr, as the name suggests

Price; On special at thirsty camel for $13/6 pack

Alcohol; 5%
Packaging; Nice cardboard box, not much money spent on graphic design for the label

Food Pairing: Satay chicken
Overall rating; 5/10...For me it's a bit of a nothing beer..OK if you like an unfermented wort smell and taste in your beer. Leaves a sticky feel in your mouth. I'm not a real lager man, and this beer hasn't helped the lager cause. The Monteiths' website says this beer has a "smooth crispness with a refreshing mouthfeel to the beer". Not so sure about that.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Frothy #1


First cab off the rank is Oettinger, a genuine, fully imported German Pilsner, chosen to coincide with the start of spring. This is a sweet smelling, clean, crisp, slightly bitter, hoppy beer. In traditional pilsner style, it is light in colour, lots of bubbles and a not too dominant hoppy after taste. This is what i would call a lawnmower beer, great to scoff down after pushing the victa round the yard. Brewed according to german purity laws, ie no preservaties additives etc, it is good for you too!!

Flavour; Tastes like beer (Christine said that, she just doesn't understand the seriousness of this) Citrus, light malt, grassy, hops, sweet, slighly bitter

Carbonation; Lots of bubbles, again, synonymous with pilsner, but poor head retention.

Colour; Pale yellow

Price; Definitely the highlight of this beer is the price. $30 a carton!!!! Unbelievable value, and your bogan mates think they are drinking boutique expensive beer!!

Alcohol; 4.7%

Packaging; Slightly tacky and cheap. Carton is shrink wrapped

Food Pairing: Mussels, cheese patter, Asian, cheesy pizza, basically anything you would eat with a light white wine like Pinot Griggio

Overall rating; 6/10...Pretty good for a budget beer.