Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Next project = table birds

OK, so we've done the pig thing, and will again in about January.

In the mean time we've bought these:

sussex eggs

which should hopefully give us some of these
Light sussex
and then lots of these
Roast dinners
Light sussex chickens make great table birds, and they're pretty good layers too. A trip to the local pawn shop secured the incubator. We placed an ad on a chook forum looking for some fertile sussex eggs and a lady not far from where we live responded. 2 1/2 dozen eggs were place in the incubator last night. 21 days to go! Apparently incubating eggs can be a bit hit and miss, but we'll keep you posted on how we go. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fantastic.

    The Light Sussex is about my favourite looking bird.

    If it lays well and tastes good as well then it becomes the perfect all rounder.