Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Table Bird Progress

Well, there you go. True to form the chicks hatched early and caught me unprepared. They shouldn't have hatched until Wednesday, but yesterday (day 19) the peeping emerged from the incubator. A quick trip to Bunnings on the way home after work, and a couple hours in the shed after dinner allowed me to put the final touches on the brooder. All up the brooder cost $19, made up of a $10 entertainment unit from the tip shop laid on its back, a couple bits of old stud screwed on for legs, an old cupboard door we had laying around for the lid, and a $9 150W external light from Bunnings as the heat source. The chicks made it through the night, so it's all good! Hoping for at least a 70% success rate, so expecting another 10 to hatch today, fingers crossed. We started with 29 eggs, candled them at day ten and 5 were not fertile and 1 was not looking right, so we were left with 23 eggs, of which 5 have now hatched.

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